Saint Francis Inpatient Rehab Ranked Top Decile Nationally

Facilities Ranked According to Efficiency and Patient Experience, Among Other Measures

A national survey found Saint Francis Inpatient Rehabilitation to be among the top 10 percent of rehabilitation facilities in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and patient experience in 2017.

The survey, conducted by The State University of New York-affiliated not-for-profit Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, evaluated 870 inpatient rehabilitation facilities from across the country. Inpatient Rehab Services manager Fran Sauer said the award makes her facility one of only three Missouri facilities to be recognized for excellence.

“There are over 40 rehab facilities in the state of Missouri,” she said. “We’re up against facilities in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, and we’re in the top 88 facilities in the entire United States… It’s a confirmation of the quality of care that we provide our patients.”

The rankings are based on five industry-standard metrics, including length-of-stay efficiency and what percentage of patients discharge directly to their home as opposed to going back to a hospital setting. Sauer said her facility’s average length of stay – 13 days – is less than the regional and national averages and that their efficiency score is also higher than regional and national averages.

The award, Sauer said, is a testament to the staff’s ability to collaborate effectively to achieve better patient outcomes.

“Rehab is not just nursing,” Sauer said. “Rehab is nursing and therapy mixed together… Our mission at the hospital is to provide a ministry of healing, wellness, quality and love inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ,” she said. “In that, we have the opportunity to help patients not just physically, but emotionally. That’s what makes [Saint Francis Inpatient Rehab] such a wonderful place to be.”

“To recognize the efficient and effective care it provides to its patients, we are pleased to present this award to Saint Francis Inpatient Rehabilitation,” said Troy Hillman, Manager of the Analytical Services Group at UDSMR. “As the creator and caretaker of the nation’s largest database of rehabilitation outcomes, and with over 20 years of experience and data, UDSMR continues working with the industry to establish best practices. Development of the PEM Report Card has served as a tool to identify and recognize high-performing facilities, to work with them to learn how they provide efficient and effective care, and to share what we learn with others to elevate the performance of all. We look forward to working with Saint Francis Inpatient Rehabilitation and the other top performing facilities across the country that rank in the top 10 percent to improve care in all inpatient rehabilitation facilities.”

This is the eleventh year that UDSMR has issued these awards. The PEM Report Card was developed as part of a proactive solution to the Institute of Medicine’s 2006 recommendation to Congress that every Medicare provider be reimbursed on a pay-for-performance basis. The data used for this report was based on 12 months of 2017 data, drawn from both Medicare and non-Medicare patients. The results were weighted and combined into a single composite score, and each facility was assigned a percentile rank from 0 to 100 relative to the other qualifying IRF subscribers in UDSMR’s database. The resulting distribution of the facility PEM scores for UDSMR’s IRF subscribers exhibited a normal distribution.