Dr. Michael Trueblood Exceeds 30-Year Board Milestone

Dr. Michael Trueblood
Dr. Michael Trueblood

Dr. Michael Trueblood is more than an outstanding orthopedic physician who practiced for more than 35 years. In 2019, he retired from the Saint Francis Healthcare System Board of Directors after 32 years of service. Dr. Trueblood commanded a great deal of respect for his historical perspective as well as his heart, both of which drove every decision he made.

Over the decades, Dr. Trueblood has been a part of many major decisions and initiatives as a Board member. He has helped direct mergers, the return of obstetrics care, the development of the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the integration of medical fitness with Fitness Plus and even the development of an advanced cardiac surgery program.

He not only gave generously of his time, but also continues to be a generous donor, supporting the Saint Francis Foundation as a member of the 1875 major donor group. It was his idea that inspired the naming of the major donor dinner, “Grace Notes.” He used this term when encouraging potential donors to help provide the extra touches needed to make the “Building on Excellence” project extraordinary.

Although Dr. Michael Trueblood is now retired, his son Dr. Andrew Trueblood follows in his footsteps working as a Saint Francis orthopedic surgeon for Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, a Saint Francis Healthcare System Medical Partner.