Centralized Scheduling Department

The Saint Francis Medical Centralized Scheduling Department was created to offer patients one comprehensive resource to help with all their healthcare needs including:

Call Saint Francis Medical Center’s Centralized Scheduling Department to find a physician you can trust at 573-331-5111. A representative can connect you to the right provider, refer you to helpful health resources and answer any questions you may have regarding this or other services.


Monday – Friday: 7 am – 7 pm
Saturday: 8 am – noon

Appointment Reminders

Saint Francis Healthcare System sends automated text and call reminders three weeks, three days and three hours before all scheduled appointments.

The text or call reminder will come from one of the following numbers: 573-708-5535, 573-475-3900 or 573-686-7699. Please follow the instructions provided in the message. If you have any questions, please call your provider’s office.

Appointment Reminder Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of text message reminders?

Yes. Once you receive a text reminder, it will include directions on opting out of text reminders.

Can I opt out of telephone voice reminders?

Yes. Once you receive a voice reminder, it will include directions on opting out of voice reminders.

I replied to the text message and received another message that the system did not understand my reply. Why?

The system is set only to recognize three replies: YES, NO, and STOP. When applicable, “YES” confirms the appointment, “NO” cancels the appointment and “STOP” opts out of text messages. No other replies will be recognized, and not all messages will recognize these three replies.

What do I do if I have opted out of text and/or voice messages and have decided I want to receive those messages?

Please send an email to scheduling@sfmc.net and let us know you would like to opt back into either text, voice or both messages.

When are the messages sent?

Most departments and providers are set on the 3-3-3 rule, which sends reminders three weeks prior to the appointment, three days prior to the appointment and three hours prior to the appointment. Messages are sent seven days a week during appropriate times, for instance, not too early or too late. These times are system settings and cannot be adjusted per patient. The three-day message asks you to confirm or cancel. The three-week and three-hour messages are simply notification reminders.

Why am I getting both voice reminders and text reminders?

Reminders are set per patient. Suppose a phone number is listed for more than one patient. In that case, it is possible that one patient could receive voice messages and one could receive text messages to the same phone number depending on patient preferences and actions.

I only have one visit/test/procedure. Why did I receive multiple appointment reminders?

Although you may have one service that is scheduled, it may require multiple parts or appointments to complete a single service, such as lab or imaging. Details are always available to view in the MyChart app.