Community Resources

Welcome to our Community Resource Guide for Social Determinants of Health. This practical tool aims to connect patients with local resources to address the root causes of health disparities. Social determinants of health encompass the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, influencing individuals’ health outcomes. By facilitating increased access to resources and opportunities, these factors can positively impact health outcomes and ultimately contribute to overall well-being and quality of life.

Our objective is straightforward: to provide a user-friendly guide that enhances the Healthcare Systems capacity to address social determinants. Featuring categorized listings, our booklet organizes resources into key areas. By streamlining access to support networks, we aim to facilitate individuals’ ability to find the assistance they need.

The benefits of our approach are clear: improved patient outcomes, increased trust between patients and healthcare providers and a more holistic healthcare approach. Through collaboration with local resources, we’re working to strengthen community networks and promote a sense of support and belonging.

Join us as we navigate the intersection of healthcare and community support, working together to promote healthier and more resilient communities.

Full Resource Guide

Saint Francis Healthcare Clinics

Saint Francis clinics offering services throughout the region.

Child and Family Support

Services to assist families and children in need.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Support for mental health concerns and counseling.

Employment and Education

Opportunities for employment and education advancement.

Food and Nutrition

Resources for obtaining nutritious food and promoting healthy eating habits.

General Assistance

Assistance programs and additional resource services.

Health Departments

Support women, infants and children for better nutrition and health; community well-being programs, administer vaccinations; monitor and address sexually transmitted diseases.


Phone-based resources for crisis, abuse and neglect.

Housing and Community Action Agencies

Support for stable housing and essential utilities.

Prescription Drop Box

Convenient locations for safely disposing of medications.

Senior and Disability

Resources tailored to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Substance Use Disorder Programs

Programs and services for individuals struggling with substance use disorders.


Options to access essential services and resources.