MidWife Services at Saint Francis Healthcare

Midwife Services

Expectant Moms Have a Choice

At Saint Francis Healthcare System, we understand there are many different types of patients who have different needs, and we now have an alternative option for giving birth. Midwives have gained popularity across the United States, as many women appreciate a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

Saint Francis provides expert midwife care to expectant mothers and their families. Our certified nurse midwives have a considerable amount of formal training and are board certified to deliver babies at the Medical Center, making them a trusted, knowledgeable resource for every mom-to-be. Midwives serve as primary caregivers for moms-to-be during pregnancy and labor and delivery — while staying in constant communication with a patient’s physician throughout a pregnancy.

Why Select a Midwife? 

Certified nurse midwives have been credited for reducing rates of infant and maternal mortality, premature births and low birth weight rates. Their efforts also contribute to lower rates of cesarean births, episiotomies and use of epidural anesthesia, and higher rates of success in vaginal birth after cesarean. 

Certified Nurse Midwives’ Approach

Offering a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth, Tracy Carr, RN, BSN, MSN, CNM, Megan Keeney, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CNM and Meredith J. Gruenwald, FNP-BC, CNM are certified nurse midwives who see patients at Cape Care for Women and delivers babies at Saint Francis’ Family BirthPlace. They expertly:

  • Focus on patient needs throughout pregnancy and during labor and delivery
  • Provide individualized care through every stage of pregnancy
  • Monitor both the health of a mom and fetus throughout pregnancy
  • Offer comprehensive care that includes education, clinical advice and support
  • Order blood and urine tests, ultrasounds and any other necessary assessments
  • Prescribe pain medications or an epidural if desired during labor and delivery
  • Provide new moms much-needed support and guidance via postpartum care

Specialized Care When You Need It

A patient may need obstetrician (a physician) care if she experiences challenges or needs extra assistance during labor and delivery, as midwives do not perform cesarean sections.

If a problem should ever arise during labor or delivery, a midwife immediately contacts the obstetrician on call, and he or she will provide the patient with the care she needs. Additionally, patients can count on receiving immediate access to an anesthesiologist, an operating room and any specialized equipment, if necessary.

Is a Midwife Right for You?

While a midwife can be a good option for patients who have no complications during their pregnancy and delivery, it is not appropriate for high-risk pregnancies.

Saint Francis has a team of highly qualified physicians, including obstetricians, neonatologists and a perinatologist to care for women who are pregnant with multiple babies, have medical concerns or babies with health problems, or any other pregnancy issues.


To learn more or make an appointment with a midwife at Saint Francis, call 573-339-1166.