Family BirthPlace Safety & Security

The safety and security of your newborn are shared responsibilities. You, your family and friends and the staff at Saint Francis Medical Center all play an important role.

Family BirthPlace Responsibilities

  • Family BirthPlace staff has special ID badges that are different from the staff working in other areas of the Medical Center.
  • The Family BirthPlace has its own entrance. Once inside the Medical Center, there is only one entrance open to the public for the Saint Francis Family BirthPlace.
  • The Family BirthPlace has an electronic security system. At birth, a special transducer is put on your newborn. These tracking devices know where your baby is at all times and helps us ensure proper identification and discharge procedures.
  • The Family BirthPlace has a visitor log. All visitors have to sign in and out so there is a record of every person on the unit.
  • The Family BirthPlace has a staff member at the main nursing station to make sure all visitors sign in and out.
  • At birth, your baby is identified with bands that include your name, medical record number, date, gender, and time of delivery. Four bands will be made: two for your baby, one for you, and one for the person the mother designates. Please be careful in choosing who will receive the fourth band.
  • The Family BirthPlace conducts security and abduction drills on a regular basis to ensure every possible action is taken by the staff to prevent such occurrences.
  • If for any reason your baby has to leave the unit for a special test or treatment, she or he is accompanied by a staff member.
  • DO NOT give your baby to any person who is not properly identified with a Family BirthPlace ID badge.

Friends and Family Responsibilities

The Family BirthPlace cannot assure the safety and security of your baby without the assistance of you and your family:

  • Be aware of the Family BirthPlace staff. Ask for the name of everyone who enters your room. Know the name of your nurse, and call if anyone who is not authorized enters your room.
  • If there are friends and/or family members who you do not want to visit you while you are in the Family BirthPlace, please make sure their names and descriptions are given to your nurse.
  • Look at ID badges and never give your baby to anyone who is not properly identified with an ID badge.
  • Never leave your baby in any unattended area. When bringing your baby back to the nursery, make sure you give your baby to a staff member.
  • Do not cut or change any bands. If you have a question or any concerns, please call your nurse.
  • Encourage family members and visitors to sign in at the main nurses station.
  • Remind your family and friends they play a part in the safety and security of your baby.
  • Keep visiting to family members and close friends.
  • The transducer will not be removed until you are ready to leave the Saint Francis Family BirthPlace to go home.
  • Please cooperate with the Family BirthPlace staff if you are present during a drill.
  • The Family BirthPlace requires upon discharge that your baby is placed in an approved car seat for transport home.
  • Enjoy your baby. If everyone plays his or her part, your baby’s safety will be ensured.

Visitor Guidelines

Please review our general and Family BirthPlace Visitor Guidelines.


For more information on safety and security at Saint Francis Medical Center’s Family BirthPlace, call 877-231-BABY (2229).