Colleague Caring Fund

The mission of the Saint Francis Medical Center Caring Fund is to assist colleagues who demonstrate need and who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency.

When colleagues face unexpected personal and financial hardships, the Saint Francis Medical Center Family is here to help. The Medical Center’s Caring Fund provides confidential, timely, short-term financial assistance to colleagues during tough times. The Saint Francis Medical Center Caring Fund was established in 1994 to assist colleagues during times of emergency or personal crisis through financial and physical support. Since its inception, the Fund has provided more than $1,601,500 to colleagues in need.

Colleagues must submit an application for a Caring Fund grant. The application is reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements for the grant process. No personal interviews are conducted, and recommendations from peers, co-workers or supervisors are not considered. Decisions are based solely on the information provided in the application.

The Caring Fund guidelines and procedures have been updated to make the grant process smoother for both the applicant and committee. To view the complete list of guidelines to see if you qualify for a grant or for a grant application, click one of the links below.