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Behavioral Health at Ferguson Medical Group

David Dahlbeck, PhD, HSP

David Dahlbeck, PhD, HSP

In 2011, Behavioral Health services began at Ferguson Medical Group in Sikeston, Mo. when Dr. David Dahlbeck was hired as the first full-time Behavioral Health provider. Ferguson has since grown to seven full-time Behavioral Health providers with four licensed clinical social workers, one psychological examiner and two psychologists.

Dr. David Dahlbeck is a clinical psychologist and works with a supportive group of medical providers who have been huge champions to increase Behavioral Health services for their patients.

“I feel very blessed that we have such an amazing team,” Dr. Dahlbeck said. “What we do now would not be possible if it wasn’t for them. We have a stellar behavioral health team.”

Ferguson Medical Group – Behavioral Health is an outpatient, generalist clinic that treats people of any age. The clinic offers traditional psychotherapy for pediatric and adult patients treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders, child behavioral disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders.

In addition to the traditional behavioral services that are offered, Ferguson also provides integrated behavioral health services. In 2014, Ferguson started providing integrated behavioral health services while patients see their family doctor or pediatrician.

“The providers at Ferguson have always been committed to providing evidenced-based treatment and fully integrated care,” Dr. Dahlbeck said. “When a patient is seen in the clinic, and there is a behavioral aspect to the patient’s care, we are able to consult with the patient in the exam room during the visit, alongside his/her physician. We see them right then and there and we become a natural part of the patient’s treatment. This normalizes the experience for them and reduces any stigma associated with going to a Behavioral Health provider.”

These integrated appointments help to address issues such as obesity, chronic pain, arthritis, smoking cessation, sleep disorders, med-noncompliance, as well as mental illness problems.

Psychological testing services include pre-employment psychological testing for police departments, spinal stimulators/chronic pain management assessments, pre-surgical bariatric evaluations, Autism diagnostics, disability determinations, ADHD/LD/IQ testing, personality assessments and functional living assessments. Some unique specialties and clinical interests within the Ferguson staff include trauma-focused therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, working with more difficult child behavior problems and sex therapy. The five clinical social workers focus on therapy while the two psychologists on staff help with diagnostics.

“I’m so excited for the next chapter for Behavioral Health since partnering with Saint Francis Healthcare,” said Dr. Dahlbeck. “We are joining a great team that expands our service locations (i.e. Cape Girardeau, Poplar Bluff) and also our services: psychiatry and neuropsychology.”

Behavioral health providers are placed in offices in East Prairie, Charleston, Sikeston and Dexter. Psychological testing services are also provided in Farmington and Kennett. Ferguson is a training site for the University of Missouri’s Licensed Clinical Social Work program. The clinic participates in two Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes programs specifically geared toward providing autism testing, treatment and service development.

Ferguson Medical Group is located at 1012 North Main Street in Sikeston.

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