Directly Scheduled Colonoscopies Now Offered at Cape Gastroenterology Specialists

Cape Gastroenterology Specialists now offer Directly Scheduled Colonoscopies for Colon Screening patients.

This service allows patients who are 50 years and older with no significant medical history of cancer, lung or heart disease and have no symptoms to schedule a colon screening procedure without first going to an office visit.

Scheduling staff ask patients specific questions to determine if they qualify to have the procedure without an office visit. Examples of who does not qualify for a Directly Scheduled Colonoscopy include those who have had a previous heart attack or arrhythmia problems, shortness of breath due to COPD or patients on blood thinners.

Eliminating an office visit streamlines the process of getting a colonoscopy by allowing patients to get in for a screening much quicker and not waiting for several additional weeks or months for the procedure. Patients also only have to make one trip for the procedure.

Patients can utilize MyChart to send a message to Cape Gastroenterology Specialists or call 573-331-3350 to request a Directly Scheduled Colonoscopy.

Directly scheduled colonoscopies are also available at Saint Francis Clinic Poplar Bluff. Request an appointment through MyChart or call 573-727-5500.