Saint Francis Foundation Receives RetCam Donation

Thanks to the generosity of local business leaders Mark Rhodes and Scott Rhodes of the Rhodes Foundation, the Level III NICU at Saint Francis Healthcare System obtained a new RetCam. The RetCam delivers ophthalmic visualization and photo documentation needed to diagnose Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). ROP is an eye disease that can happen in babies who are born premature or who weigh less than three pounds at birth. ROP can cause retinal detachment, vision loss and even blindness.

Karlyle K. Christian-Ritter, MD, FAAP, neonatologist at Cape Neonatology Specialists, a Saint Francis Medical Partner, said, “Finding and treating ROP early is the best way to lower the chances it will cause such serious problems. With the RetCam, we can obtain images and have a Pediatric Ophthalmologist interpret them. This allows us the ability to manage the infant’s care right here at Saint Francis.”

Brothers Mark and Scott Rhodes learned of the need for the RetCam after family members Ryun and Kate Holloway’s infant daughter was treated at the Saint Francis Level III NICU.

“Our family is very grateful for the excellent care provided recently by the doctors and nurses in the NICU at Saint Francis. We are pleased to be able to support the Healthcare System with this gift that helps them continue to provide the community with the highest standard of care,” said Scott Rhodes of the Rhodes Foundation.

The gift is the latest to be received by Saint Francis Foundation in a yearlong “Little Reasons” campaign chaired by Foundation board member Angie Womack, supporting the Saint Francis Level III NICU and Family BirthPlace.

“Nearly $350,000 has been raised from dozens of caring donors to improve infant security, upgrade therapeutic equipment and increase the resources on hand for our dedicated team of nurses, physicians and specialists to provide lifesaving care,” said Stacy Huff, Executive Director of Saint Francis Foundation. “We deeply appreciate the mission partners who contributed to the success of this campaign.”