Fitness Plus Training Programs Help Joel Clendenin Become a Better Athlete

Joel Clendenin, 16, a three-sport athlete at Chester High School in Chester, Ill., has found the secret to athletic glory: Fitness Plus’ Sport Training programs.

Seeking to improve his speed, agility and explosiveness, this football, basketball and track star signed up for two 6-week sessions of the customized training program. Almost immediately, the hour-long workouts – 20 minutes of dynamic warm-up, 20 minutes on the industrial treadmill and 20 minutes of core workout – energized and strengthened him.

“I felt tired but invigorated,” says Clendenin. “I pushed myself further than any other workouts I have done and used muscles I did not typically use.”

Months later, with the football season underway, he feels – and plays – better than ever.

“I’m running stronger, and I’m more explosive with my sports and lifting. Fitness Plus’ programs have made me a better all-around athlete. It pushed me to work harder than the other athletes I compete against.”