Inpatient Rehab Wall of Fame: Virgil “Dwayne” Lix

In December 2022, Virgil “Dwayne” Lix suffered a stroke affecting the left side of his body. Because of this, he was unable to use his left arm and leg. He was also having trouble with memory and attention as well as various other things. He suddenly found that his independence with day-to-day tasks was gone, making him a good candidate for Inpatient Rehab. The intense level of therapy required would allow him to focus on his recovery. Lix spent almost a month in acute Inpatient Rehabilitation at Saint Francis Healthcare System. He would find himself celebrating Christmas and the New Year within the walls of the hospital. This did not bring him down. If anything, it gave him more motivation to achieve his goals so that he could return home to his family and continue his hobbies. Lix’s rehabilitation consisted of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

He would complete his three hours of therapy daily and then, on his own, he would continue with the exercises to help improve the use of his left arm and left leg. He was determined to do everything he could to make progress. Not only was Lix a hard worker, but he was also very positive and encouraging to those around him. In that month, he was able to go from needing the help of two people just to stand, to walking with a cane with someone close by. He was also performing some self-care tasks independently and his thinking was improving every day. At the time of his discharge from Inpatient Rehab, Lix was not done working towards his long-term goals. He continued with outpatient therapy to further work his way to being more independent.

Lix’s family was also very involved and supportive with his care which made him strive even harder to meet his goals. He continues to show involvement and positivity, giving back in his own way. He has been seen supporting those around him and within the Saint Francis community by attending Saint Francis events and activities since his stay on Inpatient Rehab. Dwayne is a great example of what it takes to become a recipient of the Inpatient Rehab Wall of Fame!