Surgery with Adam Morgan, MD, at Cape ENT Group

In June 2021, Kathie Ross of Villa Ridge, Ill., discovered a tumor on her thyroid. Following a biopsy with inconclusive results, her endocrinologist suggested she speak with a surgeon. Although she was initially referred to a surgeon of another healthcare system, she chose to find the right surgeon for her. After researching, praying and talking to family members who had needed the same care, Ross decided to make an appointment with Adam Morgan, MD, otolaryngologist at Cape ENT Group, a Saint Francis Medical Partner.

Tell Us About Your First Appointment with Dr. Morgan

“Although Cape ENT Group was my first experience with Saint Francis, I was able to schedule an appointment right away, with no referral. From the start, everyone I talked to at the appointment was top-notch and kind. When I met Dr. Morgan, he was very welcoming and did not make me feel like I was in a doctor’s office. He could tell I was scared; but he talked to me like a human being, was not in a hurry and was very patient and willing to answer all of my questions. He consistently went above and beyond.”

How Did You Decide Which Surgery Was Right for You?

“Dr. Morgan talked me through all of my options. Most patients keep half of their thyroid; however, I opted to have my whole thyroid removed. He told me he could remove half of my thyroid, do pathology while I was in surgery and, if anything was cancerous, he would remove it completely. I appreciated that so much – he was accommodating, thorough, compassionate and truly cared about my wishes and well-being.”

What Was the Surgery Experience Like for You?

“My surgery was scheduled within a week. Even though it was so close to a holiday weekend, Dr. Morgan knew my concerns and accommodated my needs rather than pushing the surgery off as some doctors would. Before putting me under anesthesia, Dr. Morgan came to thoroughly explain what would happen in the surgery in a way I could easily understand. During surgery, the pathology test showed the other half of my thyroid was cancerous. Dr. Morgan discussed his findings with my family during the surgery and explained my wishes if this were the case. My family knew my wishes, too, and trusted him to remove the rest of my thyroid.”

What Was Your Post Operation Experience Like?

“I had an issue with anesthesia, so Dr. Morgan was not able to be there when I woke up to explain what he found during surgery. He asked my family to wait to tell me so that I could rest, recover and allow him to explain everything to me. He was back first thing the next morning to discuss his findings and next steps. He watched my calcium overnight to make sure everything was okay and I went home the morning after that.”

Did You Have Any Complications in the Months After Surgery?

“I did have one small issue where my calcium increased. I immediately called his office and was able to get in touch with him quickly. He advised me to get labs done just in case. It was so easy to get in contact with the office and get things figured out; there was no, ‘leave a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.’ Everyone was proactive at Saint Francis. I always felt safe and knew if something did come up that I would be taken care of well.”

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