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Annual Report

Message from our President and CEO, Maryann Reese

Dear Friends and Family of Saint Francis Healthcare System,

When 2020 began, who would have imagined we would find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic? Who could have predicted the profound change in operations and procedures our Healthcare System would make to adapt to serving our communities’ healthcare needs while safeguarding our physicians and colleagues?

As we reflect on all that has occurred in 2020, it is easy to dwell on what has been lost; however, a small perspective shift can radically change our opinions of this unpredictable year. One fascinating thing I learned in 2020 is copper is one of the few metals that does not transmit COVID-19. If a COVID molecule lands on its surface, the virus disintegrates!

During this time of COVID, unrest and uncertainty, I ask us all to be like copper and resist fear and negativity from consuming our minds and hearts. I encourage everyone to focus on gratitude and generosity for the unexpected blessings that have come from the trials and triumphs of 2020.

Friends and families have found new, meaningful ways to safely connect virtually. Curbside carryout from your favorite restaurant is easier than ever. Homeowners are tackling long-awaited projects as they spend more time at home. All this because, or maybe in spite, of COVID.

Though this year is not what we imagined, we need to celebrate all that is good in our lives. We have many reasons to be grateful.

At Saint Francis, we have the privilege to touch people. At any given time, every stage of life and every type of care is taking place throughout our Healthcare System. We are entrusted to support our patients through their healing and privileged to care for those dying, all the while witnessing the wonder of the Holy Spirit at work.

Let us celebrate that we are called to care for our community — mind, body and spirit. The communities we are called to serve trust us with their care. We are honored to be invited to walk alongside our patients at the most vulnerable times of their lives.

So let us be like copper — shine your positive light and resist fear and negativity!

More than ever, I look forward to the good yet to be for Saint Francis Healthcare System!

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2020 Annual Report

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