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Mask Pattern

Materials Required

  • Fabric – 13½” x 8″- light fabric is preferred (white, off-white, beige)
  • Elastic – flat, ⅛” wide

Front Panel

  • Fold fabric in half, wrong side out (printed side inward)
  • Sew all 3 edges, leaving a 1″ gap
  • Turn piece right-side out through the 1″ gap
  • Sew elastic into the two short edges, adding 3 pleats as you sew
  • Finished dimensions of long edges: 7¼”
  • Finished dimensions of short edges with pleats pulled apart: 6¾”
  • Finished dimensions of short edges with pleats flat: 4½”

Loops / Strings

  • If adding ear loops, use flat ⅛” wide elastic. Each loop should be 7″
  • If using tie strings instead of loops, each string should be 18″
Mask sewing pattern
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