Do You Have Allergies?

Are you one of the 1 in 5 Americans who suffers from allergies? Here in the southeast Missouri region, allergies are common to pollen, mold, dust mites and animal dander. If your symptoms are severe enough, you may need help managing them. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists (otolaryngologists) can help you get some relief.

These specialists, also called ENT doctors, can help with almost anything related to the head and neck including allergies, sinus issues, voice and swallowing problems, sleep apnea, hearing difficulties, cancers of the head and neck, thyroid and endocrine diseases and they also treat pediatric patients.

Are you bothered by any of these allergy symptoms either seasonally or year round?

  • Runny or congested nose
  • Itchy nose or eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Frequent throat clearing or cough
  • Frequent sinus infections
  • Change in sense of smell or taste
  • Feeling tired all the time

If the answer is yes and the symptoms interfere with your quality of life, you may want to seek help from an ENT doctor. They have a number of possible treatment options to offer you, including something as simple as avoiding what triggers your allergies. If that isn’t possible, the doctor may recommend an over-the-counter antihistamine like Allegra or Zyrtec, a nasal spray like Flonase or Nasocort or you may need prescription medication to control your symptoms. In severe cases, ENT patients may need surgery or immunotherapy.

What is immunotherapy?

The ENT doctor may recommend allergy testing to pinpoint your allergy trigger. Knowing the source of your problem helps determine your treatment. Sometimes immunotherapy is the answer. It may include weekly allergy shots or sublingual (drops under the tongue) treatment. This helps your body retrain to avoid reacting to your allergy triggers. Often, immunotherapy can result in life-long allergy improvement so you can breathe easier and feel better!

For more information on allergy testing and treatment options, call Cassidie Svehla of Cape ENT Group at 573-331-5686.