Saint Francis Health Plans Offers Health Insurance for Local Employers

Saint Francis Healthcare System is pleased to announce its new direct contracting health insurance option – Saint Francis Health Plans.

Backed by the nationally recognized quality and safety of Saint Francis Healthcare System, area employers with five or more employees can save money on healthcare costs and improve the overall health of their staff through Saint Francis Health Plans.

Offering employers options to meet their needs, each plan is designed to keep care local. Area employers have access to all Saint Francis providers, as well as hundreds of other regional healthcare providers, at a Tier 1 level. If care is needed outside the network, comprehensive benefits still apply. Emergency care is always provided at the Tier 1 benefit level regardless of where care is provided. In addition to comprehensive healthcare services, Health Plans offers care management to increase patient experience and outcomes with an emphasis on preventative care. Preventive health services are covered under all plans with no additional out-of-pocket costs when provided by our in-network providers. Preventative care can help reduce overall medical expenses as it helps identify or treat disease as soon as possible.

“Our approach is designed to lower member and employer costs, improve member benefits and establish long-term partnerships with care providers,” says Alex Ogburn, MBA, FACHE, vice president – Saint Francis Medical Partners. “We believe keeping care local while providing personalized healthcare services and care coordination is best for our local employers and providers.”

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