Occupational Medicine & Health

Occupational Medicine and Health Services in Southeast Missouri

As a fully integrated occupational medicine program, The Occupational Medicine and Health Services provided by Saint Francis Healthcare System is a fully integrated occupational medicine program, which helps employers control the high costs of workers’ compensation and medical services by reducing the incidence and severity of injuries and decreasing time lost from work.

With highly experienced staff, we specialize in the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Our comprehensive approach to care promotes the fastest, safest recovery from work-related injuries and illnesses. Our offered services include:

Wellness Services

Encouraging your employees to live healthier lifestyles can lead to greater productivity and to reduced healthcare costs for your business. Saint Francis’ Services to Business team offers a proven wellness assessment program designed to help you transform and maintain a well-rounded, efficient work force.

Wellness Assessment Components:

  • Personal Wellness Profile™: Each participating employee fills out a Personal Wellness Profile™ and submits samples for lab work. A computer-scored tool highlights each employee’s individual health risks and makes lifestyle suggestions for improvement in a personalized report. The profile is also available in an online format.
  • Executive Summary: Our team prepares an overall group summary based on your employees’ results as a whole. The report includes business demographics, major health risks, health status, health age and quality-of-life summary, recommended actions, intervention strategies, and the economic impact of major risks.
  • Education and Coaching: The Services to Business team offers a variety of services focused on helping your organization minimize its areas of greatest risk.

The program is the model for Saint Francis’ own wellness program, Healthy Rewards, which currently has more than 2,000 active members. This firsthand experience provides our Wellness team with a foundation of best practices for tailoring a program specific to your organization’s needs.


The health of your employees directly affects your business’s bottom line. Services to Business offers a variety of prevention programs and services to keep your employees (and your company) in the best health possible. Injury and illness prevention programs and services include:

  • Immunizations
  • Initial injury/illness follow-up care
  • Physical exams: post-job offer, annual and periodic physicals
  • Independent medical exams
  • Fit-for-duty exams
  • Job site analysis
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Functional employment testing
  • Drug screen testing (with review by a certified medical review officer)
  • Health and wellness screenings
  • Health fairs and educational seminars
  • Vision screenings
  • Contracted physician services on site
  • Redesigned job tasks to minimize injury

Treatment for On-the-Job Injuries

Prompt treatment of your employees’ injuries and illnesses is our first priority. Injury and illness treatments include access to the following:

Emergency Services

24-hour care available through Saint Francis Medical Center’s Emergency/Level III Trauma Center, as well as our Convenient Care walk-in clinic in Cape Girardeau, open 9 am-9 pm, seven days a week to treat minor illness and injuries with no appointment necessary.


The Healing Arts Pharmacy is located at Saint Francis’ Healing Arts Center (Entrance 2).

Occupational Medicine Clinic

Initial injury and follow-up care, physical exams, immunizations, and state-of-the-art, clinic-based diagnostic testing for hand and wrist symptoms.

Surgical Services

Inpatient and outpatient surgical services are available through Saint Francis and our partners throughout southeast Missouri.


For many employees who experience a work-related illness or injury, rehabilitation is key to a successful return to work. Services to Business offers a full range of outpatient rehabilitation options, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Ergonomic/job site analysis
  • Functional employment testing
  • Work conditioning
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Job site stretching and warm-up programs

Patients work closely with Saint Francis Medical Center’s physical therapists (many specializing in industrial work), occupational therapists, certified hand therapists, corporate wellness specialists, radiologists, lab technicians and pharmacists to regain the skills for maximum work function.

For more information the occupational medicine and health services at Saint Francis, call 573-331-5388.