Restoring Lives through Inpatient Rehabilitation

Life was turned upside down for 37-year-old mother of three Tasha Bollinger of Chaffee when she suffered a stroke on December 28, 2020. The stroke affected not only her movement but also her speech and ability to eat. Tasha was admitted to Inpatient Rehabilitation at Saint Francis Medical Center on January 21, 2021, to help her restore functionality throughout the recovery process.

During her first days in rehab, Bollinger could only communicate with a head nod or the use of an alphabet board. She required at least two people to assist her in everyday activities. A wheelchair was her main source of mobility. Even with these difficult circumstances, Bollinger persevered through aggressive speech, occupational and physical therapies throughout her entire stay to combat the deficits she had acquired from the stroke.

Bollinger may have had moments where she was down, but it was hard to notice; she always displayed a strong work ethic and intense desire to overcome the challenges she faced. She never complained and showed up to each session ready to give it her all. When she began speaking again, her response in therapy was always, “I’ll try,” making her an encouragement to those around her.

After six weeks and one day in inpatient rehab, she was ready to leave the hospital. By this time, she was walking with a little help and the use of a walker. She was even enjoying her favorite pizza – pineapple, pepperoni and jalapeño – before she left. She continues improving each day and is a testament to the restoration that inpatient rehabilitation can have on peoples’ lives.

When asked what she liked about therapy, Bollinger replied, “I like therapy because I felt like I was doing something: getting back to my husband and children.” She describes her experience as, “a great start at regaining my independence as a mom, wife and person.” She thanks everyone in inpatient rehabilitation that helped her throughout her six-week stay.

Inpatient Rehabilitation works to restore normalcy in patients’ lives with cognitive, physical, functional and behavioral deficits. To learn more about Inpatient Rehabilitation at Saint Francis Medical Center, visit our Inpatient Rehabilitation page or call 573-331-5980.