Saint Francis Welcomes New Officers, Members to Boards

Saint Francis Healthcare System is pleased to welcome new officers and members to the Healthcare System Board and Health Development Services Board. Steven K. Dirnberger and Laura L. Younghouse have been named officers of the Healthcare System Board, with Jeffrey S. Hotop joining as a new member. Adam Kidd has been named an officer of the Health Development Services Board and Susan Tomlin has rejoined as a member.

Effective July 2022, Dirnberger assumed the role of Board Chair for the Saint Francis Healthcare System Board. He joined the Board in 2014 and served as Vice Chair for the past three years after serving on the Health Development Services Board since 2010. He is an Owner and a certified public accountant at Stanley, Dirnberger, Hopper & Associates, LLC in Cape Girardeau. Dirnberger and his wife, Charlotte, live in Cape Girardeau and have five children.

Younghouse became Vice Chair of the Healthcare System Board in July 2022, after joining the Board in 2019. She is the President of Midwest Energy, Inc., in Cape Girardeau. Younghouse has been a member of the Saint Francis Health Development Services Board since 2002. She and her husband, Rob, live in Cape Girardeau and have two children.

In July 2022, Kidd became Board Chair for the Health Development Services Board, after serving on the Healthcare System Board since 2019 and Health Development Services Board since 2015. Kidd is the President of Kidd Oil Company, Inc. He and his wife, Kay, live in Cape Girardeau and have six children.

Kevin A. Govero, former Board Chair of the Healthcare System and Health Development Services Boards, will continue to serve on both for Saint Francis.

Beginning September 2022, Hotop joins the Healthcare System Board after joining the Health Development Services Board in 2021. He serves as Community Bank President of Cape Girardeau and Scott City for Bank of Missouri. A Perryville native and Perryville High School graduate, Hotop and his wife, Lauren, reside in Jackson with their two children.

Tomlin rejoined the Health Development Services Board in July 2022. She practices law at Layton & Southard in Cape Girardeau, specializing in estate, probate and real estate law. Tomlin also serves on The Friends Board. She and her husband, Josh, live in Cape Girardeau.

“Saint Francis Healthcare System and the community of greater southeast Missouri benefit from the talent, service and commitment of these impressive leaders,” said Justin Davison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Francis. “The spirit of their governance and their focus on advancing the Mission of Saint Francis will help to propel us into the future.”

The Healthcare System Board works closely with the Executive Team to move strategic development forward with a long-term vision ensuring excellence at every level of the organization. The Health Development Services Board oversees the for-profit arm of Saint Francis, identifying expansion opportunities in new and existing markets.