Center for Joint Replacement & Revision Testimonials

Learn about patient experiences in their own words:

Staff recognition: Amy, Ronnie, Morgan RN

Very caring and clean place. Got to room fast when I called.

Thank you! Staff recognition: Lisa (NA), Amy, Ronnie, Hannah

Loved the therapy. Ronnie was great. Amy was so upbeat.

From beginning to end, everyone was great. I could not ask for more. The best care I have ever had. This was my 14th surgery so I have a lot of experience at different hospitals.

Overall, it was not very good but perfect!!!!

Up to this point in time it has been beyond belief how this facility and staff could make major surgery turn out to be like pulling a splinter from one’s finger. Thank you for all that you have done. Each and every one on my team were excellent professionals.

Everything explained well. Very polite and professional. Staff some of the best.

Each and every one here at Saint Francis hospital was exceptional, professional, and awesome. So happy I chose Saint Francis.

Very satisfied with service and the professionalism of staff. I’ve been in Saint Francis many times before and the services keep improving.

Have had a very good experience, enjoyed my stay. The staff was excellent. They had me completely prepared for all this.

Everyone went out of their way to be nice and helpful.

Treated extremely well & would recommend this hospital to anyone!

The whole staff was very professional and caring, enjoyed each member. They were so helpful on all issues that came about! My surgeon was very thorough when explaining the knee replacement surgery. If I was to rate overall, 10+

Praise for Dr. Edwards & Staff:

Physical Therapy staff was encouraging, supportive, and gave tips for therapy exercises at home. Pain was controlled most of the time. All information was helpful to make recovery successful.

Staff Recognition: Lisa, who was wonderful to me and Ronnie was outstanding, kept pushing me. All staff was wonderful and of course Dr. Edwards, loved my flowers. Hannah was wonderful.

Couldn’t have expected better treatment!

All of therapy was great. Staff Recognition: Lisa

Staff and nursing was very supportive in all stages of my stay. Staff Recognition: they all did a great job.

The nursing staff was excellent. They are kind and try to take care of all of your needs. They therapy group was very caring, didn’t try to push you to the point you don’t want to be there. I think they do an excellent job. The class helped me understand what I was going to be going through and I think Dr. Edwards is very good. Staff Recognition: I can’t choose just one because they were all so nice. Did an excellent job. God Bless each and every one.

Really great program. Very nice people. Staff Recognition: They are all great!

Staff Recognition: Ron and Hannah very good therapists. Lisa King great aid.

Staff Recognition: All staff

Staff Recognition: Lisa was great. Shyann was also great and nurse Morgan was awesome.

PT was enjoyable even though it was “work.” The joint replacement info meeting was very informative and beneficial for reference. Staff Recognition: Hannah Dirnberger, Ronnie (in PT), Shyann, LPN.

Staff recognition: Ronnie, Christine

Everyone was great. Thanks! All was good!

I believe they could have helped more on pain. Staff Recognition: Lisa, she was wonderful.

Praise for Dr. Knight & Staff:

All the staff was very personable and helpful.

All staff was excellent!

Lisa K is awesome in every way.

They were all great!

Lisa was very good. Jane and Ronnie and Amy-you all are the best.

Thanks a lot and good luck.

Amber was the greatest! Very professional & caring.

Everybody very professional and did their best to ease my pain. Staff recognition: Lisa, Ronnie, Dee

Staff recognition: Lisa, Paige, Dee, Amber

Staff recognition: Lisa, Mary, David, Ronnie and Amy

Staff recognition: Jane Ellen

Staff Recognition: Lisa, CNA and Alyssa, RN; Ronnie, Dee, and Hannah from therapy.

Overall it was not very good but perfect!!!! Staff Recognition: Lisa, Morgan, Hannah, Ronnie, Dr. Knight, Dee

Overall satisfaction. Staff Recognition: Hannah and Ronnie

Everyone was very helpful and kind. Their info will help at home. I enjoyed the class and therapy even if it hurt.

Staff Recognition: All physical therapy personnel were wonderful. Went above and beyond for us. Allison and Kayla on the floor were great.

Staff Recognition: Lisa, NA; Hannah, RN efficient.

Each and every one here at St. Francis hospital was exceptional, professional, and awesome. So happy I chose St. Francis.

Staff Recognition: Lisa, Ronnie very good

Everybody was awesome. Thank you.

Treated extremely well and wound recommend this hospital to anyone!

Staff Recognition: all

Staff Recognition: Everyone

I have been taken care of. LISA is a rock star! She has the best attitude and really went above and beyond. The PT staff is great!! Danielle kept me very comfortable and I finally slept. Staff Recognition: Lauren, Lisa, Danielle, Hannah, Ronnie, Laura

Everyone involved were very professional and caring.

Very good staff in all departments.

Very good service.

The therapy staff was amazing. They answered all our questions and showed us different ways to do things we knew or thought we knew how to do. Staff Recognition: Lisa the aid on the floor was so helpful and made my mom feel safe and ready to do all this. Dee in therapy was so helpful, told mom ways to do every day activities easier!

Staff Recognition: Charlene, Patrick, Jane, Holly

Fantastic group. Will not dread coming back in 6 months for left leg. Staff Recognition: Hannah, Ronnie-therapy was great. Lisa CNA was wonderful. Very caring for her patients.

Staff was very friendly and caring. Everybody did a great job.

I would stay here again if needed. Staff Recognition: all staff were caring.

Staff Recognition: I had a nurse on the night shift, her name was Alyssa and was exceptional and all the physical therapy group was great.

Staff Recognition: Lisa and the rest of the nurses.

Had a lot of fun and hard work in therapy. Staff Recognition: all

My overall care was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for anything to be better. Lisa started my day on a high pleasant note and Ronnie finished it the same way. My nurses were great. And if I have to do the other knee, I’ll be right back here. Thanks for all you did.

The Center for Joint Replacement and Revision was really outstanding! Our questions were answered, the therapy people were very caring. Staff Recognition: Ronnie, Hannah, Lauren, and Lisa on days! Everybody at St. Francis has been absolutely great! Thank you so much!

The nurses and therapists were good.

Staff Recognition: Ronnie PT, Dee PT, Hannah, Trenton, Lisa*, Morgan, Alyssa

The best you can get. Staff Recognition: Hannah, Ronnie, DD

Staff Recognition: My nurses Jane & Matt, my CNA Lisa go above and beyond to help everyone and the therapy group is fantastic too. I’m very impressed. I’m glad we picked Dr. Knight for our surgeon. He’s awesome!!!

Staff Recognition: All

Explained everything in a professional manner. All members worked in a professional manner.

Praise for Dr. Lents & Staff:

Very good-staff was dressed well and clean; fresh clothes everyday.

Everything was great. I was very satisfied.

Miss Lisa and Miss Dee were WONDERFUL. Love them! They were here the last time we had my right knee replacement. They are a blessing!

From beginning to end everyone was great. I could not ask for more. The best care I have ever had. This was my 14th surgery so I have a lot of experience at different hospitals. Staff Recognition: I can’t pick just one because every staff member was GREAT. I could not ask for more.

2nd go round for therapy. Your therapy department is awesome. Very patient and caring towards me, as well as nurses and CNAs. Staff Recognition: A special thank you to Ms. Diana, Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Stephanie, and last but not least Ms. Lisa. I give them all A+.

The staff were very good and attentive. Very quick to answer call lights and made certain my pain was controlled. Dr. Lents was very professional. I would recommend Dr. Lents and the whole team. Staff Recognition: Lisa was a pleasant person to wake up to. Also Hannah and Ronnie were great.

Dr. Lents has been my doctor for many years. I finally decided to do the surgery. It went very well! And I was very impressed by the day and night shift! Everyone was caring, friendly, and professional. Staff Recognition: Dr. Lents, Morgan, Lisa, Sawyer, Ron, and Hannah. Everyone was great, but they were special to me!

Thank everyone that helped us. We appreciate you all. God Bless you. Staff Recogntion: Lisa the aid, Matt, Sawyer, Alyssa went above and beyond. And of course Hannah.

The nurses and therapists were the best ever. Staff Recognition: I had absolutely no problem with anyone. I cannot brag enough about the nurses or the therapists.

Staff Recognition: Lisa King CNA has taken care of me through both of my surgeries and has to be the most caring and positive person a person could ask for. I love her and could take her home. Ronnie-PT, Hannah-Director, Dee-PT, they are all awesome and go out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of. Very caring and always polite.

Class before surgery was very informative. Therapists that came to my room 1st day of surgery was helpful to show how to get in and out of bed, how to use walker. Staff Recognition: David-RN, Lisa-tech was extra caring. All staff helped and were nice. Ronnie very informative and helpful.

Alyssa and Adrian were perfect with pain meds. Some of the other nurses gave them late, so ended up in pain because it wore off. However, it was crazy busy at the time and I think someone coded at one point so I was frustrated but didn’t take it personally. Staff Recognition: Ronnie, Nathan were awesome and helpful. Alyssa and Adrian were great, Alyssa always went the extra mile.

Ronnie, Hannah, and the entire team were very professional, personal, and informative. My experience was beyond satisfactory and I so appreciate everyone. Staff Recognition: Ronnie, Hannah, and Dee, thanks to you all. Dr. Lents is a God send…Thank you all…

Overall experience was good. Recliner in my room sucked, need new ones. Staff Recognition: Lisa was a joy every morning. Heather and Tracey did a great job too. Lisa is the MVP.

My experience was very pleasant due to staff who were all very polite and knowledgeable.

Praise for Dr. Ritter & Staff:

Excellent care! Excellent staff! We will highly recommend Saint Francis to our family and friends! Staff recognition: Dr. Ritter and all the staff that helped us! God Bless all of you!

I thought everyone was great. Enjoyed the people and the classes. Staff recognition: Amy-Ronnie-Baily RN.

GOOD JOB! Staff recognition: Amy, Matt, Ronnie, Dee

All of this was 5 star! Staff recognition: Lisa, Allison, Jane and Amy were all amazing. They provided me with great care during my stay. Ronnie did a great job helping me during physical therapy too!

Nursing staff was very good. Staff recognition: Heather and Linda

Just want to thank everyone involved that helped me in this process.

Excellent care and customer service.

These folks make a atough time easier to endure. Great facility, but the “low boy” toilest are horrible! Really! Knee and hip patients and to sit on a toilet that’s 10-12 inches off the floor!!! Staff recognition: Amy, Ronnie, Bailey, Lisa

Andrea-best nurse ever! Lisa-best.

This has to be the best experience with any healthcare agency. From the Doctor’s office thru hospital staff, everyone had a smile on their face and truly cared for me as well as all other hospital patients. I will definitely return here for any surgeries or acute illnesses. Staff recognition: Jessica RN, the nurse who had me last night as well as Jacinda, also NA’s Diana and Lisa. I love them all.

Good job by all.

Would recommend Saint Francis for services. Staff recognition: Morgan, Trent, Hannah, Ronnie, Amber and all other staff and Drs.

Excellent care from PT.

Staff recognition: Adrian RN, Lisa NA, Stephanie NA, Laura RN, Jen RN, Amy, Madison NA, Dee PT. Everyone was professional and caring. Thanks you!

Very quality therapy session. Therapist were knowledgeable and instructions were clear and concise. Staff recognition: Dee did a very good job!

Guidebook, class, preop surgery instructions for family-great; caring compassionate staff; positive atmosphere, nice rooms with windows. This experience has been amazing from start to finish. How can a total hip replacement surgery be such a positive experience?! Staff recognition: Dr. Ritter, Ms. Amy!!!, Lauren RN, Jane RN, Lisa NA and a couple of young women whose names I can’t remember. Top notch experience from start to finish.

Was extremely pleased with everything-service, staff, doctors, room all excellent! Staff recognition: Thoroughly enjoyed Amy. She was personable, informative and helpful in every way!

Thanks for giving Emelia (granddaughter) some pointers. Staff recognition: Ronnie and Amy

Staff recognition: Amy, Ronnie, Anne, Lisa, Jess and Jacinda

The staff at Saint Francis was excellent and went above and beyond their duties. We would recommend them to anyone who would ask our opinion of this facility.

They were all good.

Staff Recognition: All, Hannah+

Up to this point in time, it has been beyond belief how this facility and staff could make major surgery turn out to be like pulling a splinter from one’s finger. Thank you for all that you have done. Staff Recognition: Each and every one on my team were excellent professionals.

Staff on the floor and PT were excellent, especially my CNA Lisa! Staff Recognition: Lisa-CNA on days was fantastic!

Have had a very good experience, enjoyed my stay. The staff was excellent. They had me completely prepared for all this. Staff Recognition: My doctor, my therapist, all of them. Everybody was great. It was all good.

The whole staff was very professional and caring, enjoyed each member! They were so helpful in all issues that came about! Dr. Ritter was very thorough when explaining the knee replacement surgery. If I was to rate overall, 10+. Staff Recognition: Lisa, but they were all excellent.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Staff Recognition: All were very good

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Staff Recognition: all

The care and therapy went above and beyond their normal duties. Felt very safe and cared for. Staff recognition: Ronnie, Hannah, & Lisa

All staff & doctors were very professional and personable. Staff Recognition: All did a fantastic job.

Food was delicious! Happy with the care I received! Nursing staff was the best!

All were very good to me and caring. I thank you all for everything. Love to you all!

I’m so glad I had caring people to take care of me from pre op to physical therapy. God Bless all of you! Thank you! Staff Recognition: Thank you. All y’all guys!

Had heard very good remarks about everyone from previous patients and I can say they were even better than expected. Staff Recognition: All are excellent. Ron and Hannah were super.

Staff Recognition: Lisa-tech, Hannah-therapy, Charlene-nurse.

Staff Recognition: CNA Lisa-Superstar! Alison, Jane, Ronnie, Hannah, everyone was just fabulous.

Very pleased with everyone at St. Francis. Staff was very helpful and did a great job. Dr. Ritter is great. Staff Recognition: They were all very good and helpful.

Staff Recognition: The staff are awesome. All of them. Great team.

Well prepared-helped as much as they could. Staff Recognition: They were very well prepared and helped each and every one. Hannah was very gracious and well prepared.

Staff Recognition: Lisa and Ronnie

Good-Great care by staff. Staff Recognition: Matt, Savana, Lisa, Ronnie, and Physical therapy staff.

Good Job

Everyone did a great job, very helpful in every way. Staff Recognition: CNA Lisa-happy, cheerful, ready to do all and anything. Told you every step she was doing. A very nice person.

I felt that everyone was very helpful, courteous, pleasant. Staff Recognition: Ronnie, Lisa, Morgan, Alisha, all the night staff. Can’t remember names.

Very attentive to nausea [but] had none. Staff Recognition: All were super, very professional.

Everyone was very helpful, kind, and very friendly. You have a very good staff.

The staff was excellent, the orthopedic wing is amazing and set up great. Excellent care by all.

Staff Recognition: Kristen

The staff were professional, caring, and went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. Staff Recognition: all of them, I’m terrible with remembering names.

Very professional group of people. Always courteous and willing to help. Thanks for a job well done. Staff Recognition: can’t remember all names-all of them.

All staff took very good care of me. All needs and wants were taken care of. Thank you.

You guys are great. My second time here and if necessary down the road, I’ll see you all again.

Everyone was very helpful and welcoming, which I knew they would be. Thank you so very much.

Nursing was excellent.

Ron the therapist was a pleasure.

Staff Recognition: Dr. Ritter and his staff are great!! Morgan is a great RN!!

Dr. Ritter is very professional and explained what to expect. The PTs were very well organized, courteous, and helpful. Well pleased. Staff Recognition: Dr. Ritter

My hip feels better already. Staff Recognition: Lisa-the lady that helped me get dressed, and Ronnie at therapy.

Wonderful help from everyone. Staff Recognition: Lisa was wonderful

Everything went well. I am not in as much pain as I expected. Staff Recognition: all of them were very good at what they do.

Everyone was fantastic. Very professional and went above and beyond.

Very good, positive care from all staff/therapy. Thanks to everyone. Staff Recognition: Lisa was a breath of sunshine. Ronnie was very encouraging and patient.

Staff Recognition: Heather is an excellent and caring nurse. Makes you feel comfortable and she is super efficient. Everyone was very kind and helpful. We love St. Francis.

The nursing staff and therapist were top notch professional. Staff Recognition: Miss Lisa is always very upbeat! She does everything with no complaints. Always cheerful.

Praise for Dr. Schafer & Staff:

The staff was very helpful. Everyone was very pleasant. This was a great staff.

My sons and I thought all the staff was very professional.

Trust, care, concern, patient wellbeing were priority with Dr. Schafer, Amy, Rehab and the fabulous nurses. I felt like they truly had my best interest at hand. This is truly a healing place. Staff recognition: I would have to line them all up in a row so I wouldn’t forget anyone. This is a positive atmosphere and healing occurs because of the staff’s attention to the needs (physically and emotionally) of their patients. I was impressed with how they all helped each other. GO TEAM!

Staff recognition: Amy was very thorough/excellent; Dr. Schafer did an amazing job. Ronnie very good! Lisa was terrific/very helpful. Morgan very good!

Amy is very dedicated, professional and assisted me understanding everything. Ronnie is very caring and making sure we do PT correctly. The music overhead is awful!!!

Very good care. Everyone very helpful.

Dr. Schafer is the best joint replacement doctor in the area! The staff was so positive.

I felt the staff was kind and caring. I chose Saint Francis for this particular reason. They made me fell accepted. All of the staff that covered my care were great. Staff recognition: A big shout out to Lisa and Diane for their kindness and patience.

Nursing staff needs some training for deaf patient who could not hear speaker or control remote caller. Not dependable speaker all the time. Staff recognition: Therapist Christina, Nurse Matt, also adorable Lisa

Everyone was great, all of them.

Excellent program. This is the 2nd knee replacement and I would’t have thought about going anywhere else to get this procedure. Staff recognition: Lisa is a tremendous asset to your staff.

Everyone was wonderful. Staff recognition: Lisa, Ronnie, Chelsea, Amy

Best people ever-very caring about their patients. Staff recognition: Amy, Ronnie; Lisa on the floor & staff (EXCELLENT).

This hospital in a whole group was wonderful and professional. Very nice clean facility. Staff recognition: Dr. Schafer is great! Lisa-how wonderful she is. So good at her job. She deserves a raise! She puts all her heart in her job. We so appreciate her.

Very satisfied from preop to therapy. Very professional, efficient staff. Staff recognition: Dr. Schafer is the best. Amy very professional. Nurses and NA’s took the best care of me. A+ to all of them Lauren and Lisa were especially top notch.

Staff recognition: Amy and Ronnie

Outstanding. Jess truly seemed to be determined to solve all concerns. Neil in surgery waiting room spoke with compassion and care. Amy, you helped us tremendously! Can’t thank you enough for everything!

Staff recognition: Jess, Lisa, Neil, and Amy

Most everyone was kind and considerate. Lisa King was a joy to be around.

Everything explained well. Very polite and professional, some of the best. Staff Recognition: Great staff!!

The staff was well and good to us. Staff Recognition: they all did good.

Staff Recognition: Lisa

Very satisfied with service and the professionalism of staff. I’ve been in St. Francis many times before and the services keep improving. Staff Recognition: Ronnie in PT and all the nurses that cared for me. Excellent job. Ronnie for the male, Hannah for the female. Kudos for all!!

All were very good and professional.

The staff was excellent and helped us get into long term inpatient rehab to prepare us to go home. Our care was excellent. Staff Recognition: Our PT “Ronnie” really helped us understand what to do.

Very happy with Dr’s office right through the surgery and all of the staff. Staff Recognition: Carol in the MRI department, Nursing staff on floor, also pretesting nursing and therapy staff.

Everyone was really nice. I was lucky to have had all the ones I had. Staff Recognition: CNA Lisa

Staff Recognition: Several were exceptional. Lisa’s cheerfulness was really inspiring. John in PT gave positive Kudos as we worked. Philip was gentle.

Staff Recognition: The nurses were very good & so was physical therapy.

The team did very well with me. We enjoyed the ice cream. Staff Recognition: Mr. Ronnie is very nice & Ms. Hannah too.

Excellent care, excellent people. Lisa was excellent. Everyone was very good. In PT, Ronnie deserves an A+, also Hannah.

Staff on the floor was great. Staff Recognition: Ronnie, Lisa, Hannah

Staff Recognition: All staff in physical therapy great. Little bubbly Lisa was very good, got him dressed, and prepared for the day. Such a joy.

Myself and my husband have been “VERY PLEASED,” well taken care of, and felt very safe in everyone’s care for us. A+++. Everyone very compassionate. We would highly recommend this place and any and all of the staff. Thank you all for all of your hard work, your care, and love. Staff Recognition: Per husband, Everyone deserves a raise, no joke.

Staff Recognition: all

My whole experience with you all has been excellent

Everybody was great with their instructions.

Much better experience than I thought it would be. Staff Recognition: all

Very good sessions. Staff Recognition: all staff

Was taken very good care of. Therapy was great. Staff Recognition: Lisa King is super

Staff recognition: Love Lisa Marie and Marie. So spunky an enjoyable. Physical therapist wonderful.

It was hard work but, no pain no gain. Staff recognition: Ronnie, Christina, Dee, Terri

Very pleased with all the help I have received.

Everyone was great. Took care of all my needs. I loved them all.

Very professional and caring staff! Absolutely excellent care! Staff Recognition: Lisa, CNA (excellent, the best), Violet-pre op, All RN’s, Alyssa, Chelsea, and our first one (can’t remember her name). Ronnie, Hannah, Dee.

All PT staff very nice and helpful. All staff very nice and helpful.

Staff Recognition: Lisa! She is remarkable! She is always perky, cheerful, and knows how to help me without me even asking her. Also, Hannah & Ronnie are great to work with-very helpful and caring.

Staff Recognition: Hannah, Ronnie, and all therapy class very good. Lisa and Morgan on the floor (all excellent).

Praise for Dr. Waliullah & Staff:

Hospital staff was very good. Food truly sucked.

Enjoyed time with all of you. Thanks. Staff recognition: Amy and Lisa.

Overall, everyone was very helpful.

Everyone went out of their way to be nice and helpful.

All staff were great, helpful, courteous. My only complaint was the waiting room to register and the bathrooms there were very dirty. Staff Recognition: CNA Lisa was fantastic.

Everyone connected with St. Francis was great!

The good was great. Staff Recognition: Hannah, Ronnie, Jane, Dee and Joleen. This therapy staff was great to work with. Nursing Staff: Morgan Hileman, Makenzie (helper to Morgan), Karen, Andrea.

Need lift chair before coming home.

Staff Recognition: PT and night nurses.

Lisa is one of the most compassionate workers I had. She’s a jewel! Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend SFMC to anyone needing a hospital stay and especially joint replacement. Staff Recognition: Lisa-CNA, Linda-RN, Mary-RN, Ronnie-PT, Dee-PT, Taylor-RN, Hannah-Joint Coordinator, Anne-Case manager.

All staff was very professional and extremely attentive to all needs and concerns. Listened to all concerns, all asked questions to make sure my concerns and needs were met. Staff Recognition: Alyssa-RN, Krystina-RN, Lisa-CNA, Nate-therapist, Ronnie-therapist, Dee-therapy, Hannah-RN surgery instructor.

Staff Recognition: Nurses and CNAs that worked 8/13/19 on day shift.

Staff Recognition: Lisa-just loved her. So outgoing, understandable, caring, down to earth person.

I was very impressed with the nurses. The therapy workers were very good and prepared. Dr. Wally did a good job on my knee. He has a very professional manner. Staff Recognition: Lisa, Hannah, Scott

Staff Recognition: Lisa was very uplifting. Hannah taught a great class-very informative.

I was very satisfied.

Staff Recognition: Lisa the CNA was amazing. Cheyanne was also very helpful, caring, and professional.

Very best care. All the staff friendly and helpful.

Surgery was due to an accident, so pre-op classes weren’t taken. However, everyone has gone out of their way to be kind, professional, and ensure that I was as comfortable as possible. They always had a smile on their faces and seemed happy to help me. Staff Recognition: Everyone at PT was so encouraging and easy to work with! Matt, Jane, Diane, Madison-all of my nurses deserve a raise-they were so sweet to me and my family.

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