Dr. Graham and the Angels of Inpatient Rehab

Keith Graham, MD, D-ABSM, pulmonologist at Cape Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine, recounts his experience with Saint Francis Inpatient Rehabilitation.

“When one thinks of an angel, often slight & unassuming angels come to mind. They fly blissfully through the sky, strumming their harps or playing their horns. Fine gowns and fluffy wings with a golden halo complete the picture.

The angels of rehabilitation are not these.

They are like the strong angels of the Bible; ones that appeared in a flame of fire to Moses, wrestled with Jacob, and stood with a drawn sword to block the way of Balaam! They are strong, determined, and very impressive!

These wonderful angels of rehabilitation took my frailty and brought back strength. They kept to a strict regimen, ensuring that every minute of time was spent improving my condition (whether I wanted it or not). After 39 days in an ICU and loss of 33 pounds, I was unable to walk, lift an iPad, open a bottle, and find words. These angels restored all of that! Their efforts allowed me to walk out of the hospital, write legibly again, and remember what I should. They allowed me to return to work, climb stairs, and drive. All of the every day functions, I took for granted, were restored to me by these fantastic angels. They still have halos, but strong wings and scrubs replace fine gowns.

So, what does rehabilitation mean to me? Once the ICU saved my life, rehabilitation restored the rest!”

Graham COVID testimonial