Adv. Orthopedic Specialists

Athletic Trainers

At Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, our doctors and trainer work closely to provide exceptional care to our patients.

Occupational Therapists

At Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, our occupational therapists work closely with our orthopedic doctors to provide the highest level of therapy care for patients. Our specialty-trained therapists have the skills and experience to help patients recover from injuries, conditions, and surgeries and return to their active lifestyles.

Physician Assistants

At Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, our physician assistant (PA) works closely with our orthopedic doctors to provide the highest level of surgical and nonsurgical care for patients. Physician assistants are highly trained healthcare providers who work under the supervision of our orthopedic doctors to take medical histories; ...
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Nurse Practitioners

At Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, we take a team approach to evaluating and treating our patients' injuries effectively. Our nurse practitioner works closely with our orthopedic surgeons and specialists to provide the highest level of compassionate care. Under doctor supervision, her roles include taking medical histories; ...
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Why would I need a cortisone shot?

In many instances of shoulder bursitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome, cortisone shots are often a prescribed medication. But what is cortisone and how does it work? Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory medication, not a pain reliever. When pain is decreased from cortisone, it’s ...
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What You Should Know About Bursitis

The condition known as bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled sacs, or bursae, located between a tendon and skin or between a tendon and bone, become inflamed. It can cause pain and tenderness in the area, and it can make movement very difficult. Below, we address ...
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What You Need to Know About Ankle Arthritis

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports-related injuries orthopedic doctors see, but they are often perceived as minor injuries and are easily forgotten. However, injuries to the ankle joint should never be overlooked, as they can often intensify into a long-term problem. Damage ...
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What You Need to Know About ACL and PCL Injuries

The Anterior cruciate Ligament, also referred to as the ACL, is located in the front part of the knee. This is one of four ligaments in your knee, roping your bones together, and keeping your knee stable. The PCL is the Posterior cruciate Ligament, ...
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What Is a Stress Fracture?

A stress fracture is a common sports injury, often occurring in weight-bearing bones, such as the tibia or the bones in the foot. There are typically only a few symptoms related to stress fractures: either a generalized area of pain and tenderness when the bone ...
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Weight Loss = Pain Relief

Research shows that losing even a little weight can make a big difference in reducing joint pain. For those with joint pain, often caused by ligament or cartilage damage, walking and most type of exercises exacerbate the pain; knees take the brunt of our body weight’s ...
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