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Meet Dr. Brian Schafer

Brian C. Schafer, MD

Brian C. Schafer, MD

Brian C. Schafer, MD, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, joined Advanced Orthopedic Specialists in 2001. Before joining Saint Francis, Dr. Schafer was in practice with the United States Air Force Medical Group in Tucson, Arizona. His education includes graduating from medical school from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine—Memphis and completing a residency at the Campbell Clinic, also in Memphis. Specializing in total joint replacement and arthroscopic knee and shoulder repair, Dr. Schafer has made clear his commitment to patient care by playing a pivotal role in introducing new technologies and joint replacement options to the region.

Quality Care Close to Home

As Dr. Schafer put it, “When you consider the results that we get, there really is no reason to travel.” For anyone who has ever undergone an orthopedic procedure, they know how impactful minimizing travel can be both before and after an operation. Follow-up is almost as important as the procedure itself, and having the ability to receive post-op care close to home makes it more likely patients will receive the appropriate care they need to expedite their recovery. What makes the level of care provided by Advanced Orthopedic Specialists especially valuable is innovations they have brought to our area.

Quality Innovation

Of the numerous advancements introduced at Saint Francis, one that has been widely impactful is patient-specific knee replacement. Using MRI or CT scans to detect variables such as femoral rotation, this procedure allows specialists to evaluate each patient’s unique range of motion and make knee replacements that are precise to the patient’s needs and specifications. The benefits of this include shorter and less invasive surgery, quicker recovery and extended implant longevity. But it is not all about innovation. It is also about people.

Quality Of Life

While the level of expertise and innovation is exceptional at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists, it is the people-first approach that truly elevates the standard of care. Dr. Schafer believes in taking a conservative, common sense approach to address each patient’s situation. Instead of relying solely on surgery, Dr. Schafer leverages consultative measures such as exams and x-rays to determine the most appropriate course of action. This could mean pain management, physical therapy, weight loss or some combination. Additionally, Dr. Schafer takes measures before, during and after surgery to improve the recovery process. From providing specific education for patients and families to incorporating advanced surgical techniques, he employs everything at his disposal to help his patients return to enjoying their lives.

Ask Dr. Schafer what brings him professional satisfaction and you will get a simple, straightforward answer. For him, it is all about getting people back to doing the things they had not been able to do before surgery. It is this dedication to the individuals he helps that has defined his career and characterizes the singular focus of Advanced Orthopedic Specialists as a whole. With a patient-driven approach reinforced by cutting-edge technologies and innovative procedures, Dr. Schafer continues to provide an unparalleled quality of service that that brings the best care closer to home.

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