Physicians Category: Advanced Orthopedic Specialists

Khalid Waliullah, MD

Khalid Waliullah, MD A specialty-trained Board Certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Khalid Waliullah completed his orthopedic residency at the University of Missouri. Dr. Waliullah specializes in hip and knee replacement, arthroscopic surgery, adult and pediatric fracture management, and treatment of sports-related injuries to promote healing, regain motion and resume activities.

Andrew C. Trueblood, MD

Andrew C. Trueblood, MD Specializing in conditions from the collarbone to the fingertips, Dr. Andrew Trueblood is a Cape Girardeau native and graduate of Cape Central High School, Duke University, and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. In 2008, Dr. Trueblood completed his residency in orthopaedic surgery at the University... Read more

Brian C. Schafer, MD

Brian C. Schafer, MD Dr. Brian Schafer, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, joined Advanced Orthopedic Specialists from Tucson, Arizona where he was in practice with the United States Air Force Medical Group. Specializing in total joint replacement and arthroscopic knee and shoulder repair, Dr. Schafer was key in introducing new... Read more

R. August Ritter III, MD

R. August Ritter III, MD A Cape Girardeau native, Dr. August Ritter, III, is a third-generation orthopedic surgeon. His grandfather founded Advanced Orthopedic Specialists in 1934. Dr. Ritter sees patients of all ages and injury types and enjoys being involved in helping patients return to a comfortable and active lifestyle. His... Read more

Rickey L. Lents, MD

Rickey L. Lents, MD A former chief of surgery, Dr. Rickey Lents is board certified in both orthopedic surgery and hand surgery. Dr. Lents also treats other orthopedic injuries including shoulder injuries, knee pain, hip discomfort, and fractures. He also remains active in continuing medical education.

Patrick R. Knight, MD

Patrick R. Knight, MD Passionate about working with joint replacement and sports injury patients, Dr. Patrick Knight is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon providing comprehensive care for all types of joint, bone and tissue injuries. Dr. Knight is a team physician for a number of area high school athletic programs. He... Read more

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