Health Services

LINX System

Linx for Reflux Disease Saint Francis Medical Center is the first hospital in the region to offer the LINX Reflux Management System, a new service for patients who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this procedure, a flexible bracelet of magnetic titanium beads is implanted around the... Read more

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Facts Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the United States. Smoking is the cause of 90 percent of all cases. Because lung cancer goes undiagnosed until later stages, prevention or early diagnosis is the key. Prevention The best way... Read more

Medical Alarms & Tele-Care

Medical Alarms Available through Around the Clock, a medical alarm is an affordable, personal emergency response system provided as a service to patients and families: Elderly residents living alone Persons of any age who are disabled Patients recovering from surgery or who face a lengthy recuperation period... Read more

Meet Brooke

Brooke wanted to find out more about weight-loss surgery after being turned away from a roller coaster at Six Flags because she was too heavy to ride it two summers ago. For a long time, she had known that she was eating herself into an early... Read more

Meet Evan

Evan has always thought he was put on this earth to be in public safety and help others. However, when his weight began causing a variety of health issues and limiting the amount of help he could offer, he knew it was time to make a... Read more

Meet the Outpatient Rehab Therapists

Physical Therapists Ryan Bandermann, MPT, CEAS Manager, Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Bachelor of Health Science - University of MissouriMaster of Physical Therapy - University of MissouriCertified Ergonomic Assessment SpecialistBegan practicing in May 2007, specializing in Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation and Ergonomics Kirt Burger, PT, MCMT Senior Physical Therapist Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy... Read more

Meet the Trainers

Certified Athletic Trainers in Cape Girardeau Whether for competition or recreation, Saint Francis Medical Center's Sports Medicine program has been keeping athletes at their best since 1995. In addition to fostering athletic excellence, Saint Francis' certified athletic trainers help athletes of all ages be the best they... Read more


Menopause and Heart Disease Although menopause can start in your 30s or 40s, it can last into your 50s and even 60s. Due to lower levels of estrogen, heart disease is of special concern among postmenopausal women. Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau offers heart care... Read more

Midwife Services

Expectant Moms Have a Choice At Saint Francis Healthcare System, we understand there are many different types of patients who have different needs, and we now have an alternative option for giving birth. Midwives have gained popularity across the United States, as many women appreciate a holistic... Read more

Mother and Daughter Lose Weight Together

When Teri Welker read an article in the paper about a teacher who lost weight through Saint Francis Healthcare System's The Healthy Weigh, it was a lightbulb moment for her. Her daughter, Ashley, recently told her she needed to find a good program to lose weight, and... Read more

Neurosciences Institute

The Neurosciences Institute at Saint Francis Healthcare System is the region’s leader in diagnosing, treating and managing injuries and illnesses of the brain, spine and nerves – with some of the top experts in the country. Our highly-skilled specialists provide leading-edge diagnostic imaging and advanced medical,... Read more

Neurosciences Institute Outreach Clinics

Saint Francis Healthcare System offers leading-edge neurosciences care in Cape Girardeau. To better serve our patients, these services are expanding to serve more patients in more areas. Patients who live in Farmington, Poplar Bluff and Sikeston now have access to Saint Francis Neurosciences Institute’s specialists, technology,... Read more

Newborn Health Screenings

Screenings for Proper Infant Development Saint Francis Medical Center’s Family BirthPlace provides newborn screenings (which require a blood sample) to detect potentially serious health disorders that could lead to developmental disabilities, mental retardation, or death. If and when any of these disorders are detected, the Missouri Department... Read more

Nuclear Medicine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Nuclear Cardiac Scanning (Stress Testing)?What will a Nuclear Scan tell me?When will I know the results? What is Nuclear Cardiac Scanning (Stress Testing)? Nuclear Cardiac Imaging, also called a Nuclear stress test, is a type of imaging that shows the flow of blood through a patient’s... Read more

Occupational Medicine

Comprehensive Services for Business Saint Francis Medical Center’s Occupational Medicine specializes in the prevention and management of occupational and environmental injuries and illness while also promoting the health and productivity of workers and communities. Occupational Medicine offers: Medical Center resources tailored to the specific requirements of each client... Read more

Occupational Medicine & Health

Occupational Medicine and Health Services in Southeast Missouri As a fully integrated occupational medicine program, The Occupational Medicine and Health Services provided by Saint Francis Healthcare System is a fully integrated occupational medicine program, which helps employers control the high costs of workers' compensation and medical services... Read more

Occupational Medicine: Wellness Services

Encouraging your employees to live healthier lifestyles can lead to greater productivity and to reduced healthcare costs for your business. Saint Francis’ Services to Business team offers a proven wellness assessment program designed to help you transform and maintain a well-rounded, efficient work force. Wellness Assessment Components: ... Read more

Organ Donation

Organ Donation Facts In the United States, over 117,000 people are on the list for a lifesaving organ donation and hundreds of thousands more are hoping for a life-enhancing tissue transplant, like a bone marrow transplant. Everyday, 18 people die waiting for tissue or organs. Thankfully, one donor... Read more

Orthopedic Institute

The Orthopedic Institute at Saint Francis Medical Center is the region's trusted source in caring for sports injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments/cartilage, total joint replacement and revision surgeries, and other orthopedic conditions. Located in Cape Girardeau, our physicians provide general orthopedics and sports medicine services to... Read more

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