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Local surgeon performing highly advanced ankle surgery technique

R. August Ritter, III, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Advanced Orthopedic Specialists in Cape Girardeau, is the only surgeon in the region performing highly advanced total ankle arthroplasty procedures using a new surgical technique with proven technology.

After attending an advanced Zimmer Expert Interactions training session in Henderson, Nev., which allows him to use the Trabecular Metal Total Ankle technique, Dr. Ritter can provide a dependable, durable, high quality alternative to an ankle fusion procedure.

“This new surgical option for patients suffering from debilitating ankle arthritis provides several benefits over other treatment methods, including quicker recovery times and significantly improved mobility and range of motion following surgery,” Dr. Ritter says.

Intended for patients with degenerative, rheumatoid and post-traumatic arthritis, total ankle arthroplasty allows for improved mobility and better comfort for active patients compared to an ankle fusion procedure. During total ankle arthroplasty, Dr. Ritter approaches the bone through the side of the ankle, removing affected bone and replacing it with specially designed metal and plastic components that create stability within the joint. This allows the ankle joint to regain strength and mobility, while significantly reducing patients’ pain.

“The components and technology of this procedure are a true innovation,” Dr. Ritter says. “Using this new technique, total ankle arthroplasty is a very reliable procedure, resulting in successful, lasting outcomes.”

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