Cancer Survivor Tony H.

Prostate cancer survivor Tony H. discusses the importance of early cancer detection. Visit PinkUp.org for more information about Pink Up!™

Cancer Survivor Robbie T.

Lung cancer survivor Robbie T. encourages smokers to quit now and to pay attention to cues from their bodies. Visit PinkUp.org for more information about Pink Up!™

Cancer Survivor Lynda M.

Breast cancer survivor Lynda M. explains the impact of your Pink Up!™ donations and discusses the importance of self-exams. Visit PinkUp.org for more information about Pink Up!™

Cancer Survivor JoAnn S.

Rectal cancer survivor JoAnn S. stresses the importance of testing. Visit PinkUp.org for more information about Pink Up!™

Jerry Parker Says TAVR Changed His Life

Aortic stenosis, the narrowing of the aortic valve, affects nearly 200,000 Americans each year. This condition obstructs blood flow from the heart and, in severe cases, requires surgery to replace the valve. Steven J. Joggerst, MD is a board-certified physician at Saint Francis Heart and Valve...

Unprecedented Time, Endless Gratitude

A nurse practitioner at Cape Medical Oncology, a Saint Francis medical partner, Kim Peters, MSN, APRN, AGNP-C, has experienced the impact of COVID-19 threefold: As a healthcare provider, as a patient and as a mourning family member suffering the loss of a loved one during...

Speaking Out: The Tragedy of COVID-19

Some miracles have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, but unfortunately, not for the Gaines family of Oran, Mo. Family members speak out to convince others to take COVID-19 very seriously and become aware of its potentially deadly consequences. Impacting Lives "I feel compelled to share the following...

Calvin’s Story: Saving His Heart

In the mornings, Calvin Box is a medical courier. Afternoons, he's a janitor for a nearby public school district. And in his spare time – which he insists he does have – he's a private detective. If it sounds like too busy a schedule for a...

Jenny Nelson Loses 165 Pounds with the Help of Fitness Plus

Jenny Nelson, 48, loves to exercise, and it shows. Since resolving to make the most of her Fitness Plus membership about a year ago, she has lost 165 pounds through spinning, swimming and running nearly every day. She wasn't always so dedicated, however. "For about five...